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all about wakening the connections and mutual energies of the mind and the body.

Today’s viral challenge surely challenges us to “be present.” Not just to be cautious or compassionate, but to pay attention to our physical sensations, our emotions, our wants and desires, the images or visions we have. To notice our defenses, our survival instincts, our fears, even our judgments about our human nature. Noticing that which we’ve avoided, and to accept these things, may frighten us, but it allows us to choose more wisely for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.

See the scene, behind my words. Think of its beauty. Think of…no, feel the beauty of it, and the beauty within your own body, your bodymind.

*I like writing my blogs. And I hope soon that SOMEONE will read this one, or any of the many I’ve published, and then COMMUNICATE WITH ME! (Do you perceive my frustration?)

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