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Working out a the gym, cooking for your loved ones, vacationing…moving “up the ladder,” finding a new apartment or house–these clearly require a lot of motion. And as we all know, our minds are always … doing something. What is your experience of emotion? Love, excitement, curiosity, calmness; anger, frustration, disappointment; fear, worry, anxiety; sadness,Continue reading “MOTION, MIND, EMOTION”

The Light and Dark, and the Animal

Some of us recall few experiences of happiness (light). Thus many people who have had terrible events occur in their lives in their physical bodies, in their minds, in their emotions (feeling a lot of darkness). Many of us passionately avoid “negative” feelings or thoughts. I say these things because I myself did this theContinue reading “The Light and Dark, and the Animal”

Somatic Experiencing

Trauma is a part of all of our lives. Over thirty years, Dr. Peter Levine has developed a therapeutic approach to healing from trauma–Somatic Experiencing (SE). SE is about being more aware of what happens internally (emotion, image, bodily sensation, thought) all the time. The client begins to use movement, sound, and listening to theContinue reading “Somatic Experiencing”

Calming the Mind

You’ve heard of meditating. After more than two years of practicing meditation, I got just a little calmer in my mind. Once in a while. Briefly. Today, 10/27/2019, I meditated for 20 minutes. 90% of this time I was worrying, working on a couple of problems (social/professional…). After a few minutes, several times, I returnedContinue reading “Calming the Mind”


a huge part of growth–personal and community How come we don’t get much feedback about “how we’re doing?” How come we don’t give other people much feedback? Much feedback doesn’t occur because of fear, and old assumptions that we don’t need it, to give or take it. However, we can get to know our ownContinue reading “Feedback”

About Us

Our mission: to assist you in having more clarity, compassion and joy; more effective communication; greater care for yourself and those you love; by listening and coaching.

Whether you experience trauma, depression, anger problems or anxiety, we can help you find new ways of getting through and beyond the place(s) you may be stuck in.

Our Services

Somatic Experiencing (SETM) is a powerful yet gentle tool for releasing symptoms from most types of trauma. It has some similarities to “psychotherapy,” but significant differences. In SE, the practitioner facilitates client in greater awareness of internal processes (body and mind), find new choices so that client will feel and live healthier and happier.


Therapeutic Massage Relieving muscle tension, increased mobility, greater awareness of your own body, relaxing, taking a break from daily pressures–these are some of the benefits with this service. It can be provided separately from SETM; but often it is a part of SETM.

Many ways to begin: phone call, email, text–then make an appointment. Even before that, breathe, and realize that having some help is part of being human.


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