Working out a the gym, cooking for your loved ones, vacationing…moving “up the ladder,” finding a new apartment or house–these clearly require a lot of motion. And as we all know, our minds are always … doing something.

What is your experience of emotion? Love, excitement, curiosity, calmness; anger, frustration, disappointment; fear, worry, anxiety; sadness, grief, depression; guilt or shame–one or a blend of these are also occurring inside of us, nearly all the time, whether just a little, or “too much,” or somewhere in between these levels of intensity.

Perhaps you know that the way you move your arm, leg, or mouth affects the way you feel. Perhaps you realize that when you think “I wanna punch this guy,” or “I’m so worried about our relationship,” or “I know she doesn’t want to hurt me–she’s just mad,” you feel anger or some level of fear, or even compassion. That clearly means that our thoughts affect our emotions.

In addition to this reality or wisdom: when you walk beside a creek or lake, or sit under some trees, or do yoga, you also know that movement affects thought and emotion. And vice versa.

Perhaps you already know all of this. You may also know that to practice this wisdom is not easy. In the beginning of your growth. Either way, I hope you’d be curious to talk with me about it. In person is my favorite communication; email is welcome.

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Having worked in many fields, being a father and grandfather, life has given me many gifts. I share all of them whenever and wherever I get a chance. This sharing is my profession, and it is my personal choice every day.

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