Working out a the gym, cooking for your loved ones, vacationing…moving “up the ladder,” finding a new apartment or house–these clearly require a lot of motion. And as we all know, our minds are always … doing something. What is your experience of emotion? Love, excitement, curiosity, calmness; anger, frustration, disappointment; fear, worry, anxiety; sadness,Continue reading “MOTION, MIND, EMOTION”

The Light and Dark, and the Animal

Some of us recall few experiences of happiness (light). Thus many people who have had terrible events occur in their lives in their physical bodies, in their minds, in their emotions (feeling a lot of darkness). Many of us passionately avoid “negative” feelings or thoughts. I say these things because I myself did this theContinue reading “The Light and Dark, and the Animal”

TRAUMA–Inside and beyond

Small medium or large–all of us have had at least one traumatic experience. Examples: car accident, fall from a tree or ladder, death of a loved one, assault or sexual abuse, war, getting fired….Some of us “get over it” sooner than others. Many of us get stuck in one way or another in our lives;Continue reading “TRAUMA–Inside and beyond”

Somatic Experiencing

Trauma is a part of all of our lives. Over thirty years, Dr. Peter Levine has developed a therapeutic approach to healing from trauma–Somatic Experiencing (SE). SE is about being more aware of what happens internally (emotion, image, bodily sensation, thought) all the time. The client begins to use movement, sound, and listening to theContinue reading “Somatic Experiencing”