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How come we don’t get much feedback about “how we’re doing?” How come we don’t give other people much feedback? Much feedback doesn’t occur because of fear, and old assumptions that we don’t need it, to give or take it. However, we can get to know our own motivations better, others’ reasonings, and others can understand us better, so we can work live and play together, better.

Generally, there are two areas where we have lots of energy or opportunities lots of information that gives us a lot of feedback.

Internal realities: emotions (sadness, anger, desire, fear, guilt, shame…)

bodily sensations (heat, tension, motion, position, urges, taste…)

images (pictures in our minds that come and go)

thoughts (beliefs, judgments, plans, analyses)

External realities: surroundings (furniture, space, temperature, pictures…)

objects and events that affect our five senses

behavior/action (what we and others do, physically)

rules, laws, cultural norms…

Obviously, external realities affect our internal realities. Many of the external things we have no control; some we have a little, some we have a lot of control over. Often we think we have no control of our internal realities either. Yet, with SETM we begin to experience better.

In our next blog, we shall describe several down-to-earth ways to practice more awareness, self-control, and new strategies to feel and live and bit better.

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