Somatic Experiencing

Trauma is a part of all of our lives. Over thirty years, Dr. Peter Levine has developed a therapeutic approach to healing from trauma–Somatic Experiencing (SE). SE is about being more aware of what happens internally (emotion, image, bodily sensation, thought) all the time. The client begins to use movement, sound, and listening to the messages from the body, so that s/he experiences more freedom of movement, less tension and fear, to express and release anger and grief. All of this is in

My own journey as a human being–personal and professional–has included training with SETI (SE Training Institute) since 2017. (Today is March 25, 2020 as I write.) Music dance massage and counseling make a wonderful blend of life activities that has given me many skills to assist you in enhancing your life strategies. I call them strategies because daily life and world events give us as many challenges as it does many gifts; often the challenges are painful, often felt as overwhelming.

SE is a great way of getting to know yourself, and choose new and more helpful ways to feel/be/do more of what you want to live with.

Just yesterday, a very good friend of mine sent me a youtube video about energizing–and relaxing–the body. Focusing on the body–putting more energy with the conscious mind into the body–includes one of the most powerful “tools” we have to change our own energy–the breath. Gentle and simple are the exercises demonstrated in this video. Check it out. Email me–let’s chat. Express yourself. Let me know what you think.

youtube video type in search “systemaathome”

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